Taskyinn Program is one of the best Hotel and Residential Units Management Systems, designed with simplicity and ease of use, providing you with many tools that all your users need, starting from the hotel manager to the receptionist.

The Product Functions

The main role of this product is to provide hotel owners and managers a program for hotels and residential units management, which aims to simplify administrative processes and helps officials to monitor the important details such as level of services improvement, increased revenue, and cost reduction.

The Idea – One Solution for All

The owners and managers of hotels need to run the hotels' businesses in one place, such as rate management, booking reservations, performance indicators and reports, rooms management, and users management.

Easy to Use Hotel Management System

Provides various tools starting from the tools for the hotel manager to the receptionist.

Reports and Performance Indicators

Presents a wide range of detailed interactive reports and key indicators to help evaluate performances and get all the relevant data needed.

Integration with Shomoos Information System

Automatically synchronize guests' information with Shomoos Information System of Saudi Arabia.

  • Web App, Website
Tech Stack
  • Databases PostgreSQL
  • Core Backend Ruby on Rails v2.6.2
  • Microservices Backend NestJs, ExpressJs
  • Frontend Reactjs + Redux, Webpack, Wordpress
  • Intermediate & Tools
  • - Redis
  • - Runcloud.io
  • - Capistrano Deployment
  • - Mailchimp and Mandrill email
  • - Sofa-sms
  • - Sidekiq
  • - Shomoos Integration
  • - SCTH Integration
  • - Segment API Analytic
  • - Paytabs Payment Gateway
  • - WHMCS Subscription Management
  • - Zendesk
Design Tools
  • Crafted with Sketch App
  • Prototype and handover with Marvel App
Development Fun Facts
  • 42 days designing
  • 142 screens layout
  • 177 days coding
  • 5000+ lines of code
  • 2 skillful designers
  • 4 skillful developers

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