Himmaty is a cloud-based platform that enables Qudurati Center to manage the core operation and connect the center with student’s family effectively in a way that will lead to higher performance of education and outputs.

The main role of this product is to assist Qudurati Center to handle the core activities and maximize the revenue of the day care service by increasing the quality of service and admission of new cases by online every year. The system functions will be categorized based on the following modules: Day Care Case Admission, Case Registration, Core Educational Process, Nutrition, Transportation Process, Parent Interaction, and Activity Class Management.

Ministry of Labor and Social Development “Pay” the fee of "Day Care and Transportation" for any special needs student. Qudurati provides Day Care and Night Support Services. Day Care is an annual program, serving special needs students 5 days a week for 1 educational year (around 8 months). Night Support Services is similar with clinic and it is pay per session. Himmaty will cover all the activities of the Day Care. Himmaty Mobile App provides interfaces for Parent, Himmaty Driver, Himmaty Transportation Associate, and Himmaty General Manager. Himmaty Web App provides interfaces for Admissions Officer, Admissions Manager, Receptionist, Educational Affairs Supervisor, Transportation Supervisor, Technical Supervisor, Administrative Supervisor, Parent, System Administrator, Social Specialist, and Activity Specialist. Himmaty Tablet App only provides interface for Specialist.

Easy monitoring the children starting from going to school, attending class, until they leaving school and going home.

Find a variety of learning material for the children (Video, Audio, and Ebook).

Manage class sessions and schedules that works for you and get the result for the children.

  • Tablet App, Mobile App
Design Tools
  • Crafted with Sketch App
  • Prototype and handover with Marvel App
Development Fun Facts
  • 77 days designing
  • 519 screens layout
  • 1 skillful designer

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