Chain+ is a platform that provides Outlets a mobile app interface to re-order products from suppliers, allow suppliers to manage the orders from outlets, and manage their distribution in efficient approaches.

The main role of this product is to provide interface for outlets to order/re-order products from their partner suppliers and allow suppliers to receive orders, take decision on distribution, and publish promotions.

Chain+ is created for two platforms, Mobile and Web App. Chain+ Mobile App provides interfaces for Branch Employee and Supplier Salesman. Chain+ Web App provides interfaces for Chain+ System Admin, Register, Chain+ Supplier Admin, Sales Employee, and Outlet Admin.

Easy to buy best-selling products from suppliers to restock outlet's supply at any point of time using mobile app.

Manage orders for the outlets just by using the mobile app and send the distribution team on demand, so no more failed visits.

Send promotions and new products to the outlets to build partnerships and prospects of getting best spaces of the outlets.

  • Mobile App
Design Tools
  • Crafted with Sketch App
  • Prototype and handover with Marvel App
Development Fun Facts
  • 26 days designing
  • 292 screens layout
  • 2 skillful designers

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