From Ideas into Real Products

From Human Work into Automation

Let’s move towards handing over the repetitive and tedious tasks to the machines. Now it’s time to take on the new, innovative, and creative approach.

Our Services

We serve industries to enable them shape and build their digital products.

Digital Product Design

Design Research
UI/UX Design
Rapid Prototyping

Mobile App Development

iOS App Development
Android App Development
Hybrid App Solution

Web & E-Commerce Development

Front-End Development
Web App Development
Back-End Development

IoT (Internet of Things)

Custom IoT Devices Development
Blockchain App Development & Integration

How We Work

Developing system is an art. Share your challenges with our creative team and let’s create a revolutionary digital product as the best solution.

01. Pre-Development

Requirements Gathering

We work with a standardized methodology to meet the project’s requirements.

Software Requirements Specification (SRS)

SRS describes what the system will do and how it will be expected to perform.

Business Domain Understanding

Understanding how the business works and figure out the challenges.

Project Initiation Document

Breakdown the project SoW (Scope of Work), timeline, constraints, and dependencies.

Business Proposal

Financial and technical proposal of the proposed solution.


Stating the legal terms & conditions to outline the relationship.

02. Development



Drawing the wireframe as a preparation to high-fidelity design.


Preliminary version of the concept design and the system process.

Quality Assurance

Continued assessment of the design to enhance UI/UX experience.


Advanced assessment to elevate the design to a detailed level.


Deliver design specifications and visual assets to developers as a guideline in producing native applications.

Technical Development


Determine the feasible tech stack that will be applied to the project development.

On Progress

Developers execute the tasks based on the specified requirements/specifications.


Deployment process to the server for testing purposes.

Quality Assurance

Processing bugs and checking requirement conformity are done by the Quality Assurance team.


The improvement process is only carried out if Quality Assurance finds errors or bugs in the project.


The project is ready to be deployed into the production server if it has achieved conformity to the requirements without bugs or errors.

Store Distribution (Mobile Apps)

Launch the application into the app/play store when it reaches full conformity to the requirements without bugs or errors.


The process of archiving and submitting source code documentation and visual assets used in project development.

03. Post Development


The process of server maintenance or license number update on the system.


The process of bugs fixing and the conformity of the requirements from the customer.


Deploying the system to the client’s servers.

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